Vanagon Sunset

Vanagon Sunset

Monday, October 3, 2016

Headlight Superbright! LED upgrade

Lights... we need them and the brighter the better.  I've always been in search of brighter lighting options by adding driving lights, fog lights, LED's etc., in an attempt to see better and make older vehicles a bit more modern.

My '82 Diesel had original 7" lights with stock grill and I wanted to upgrade the lights without changing the look of the front end.  Many folks opt for the SA grill swap these days, but for some reason, I'm partial to the original stock grill.

In search of brighter headlamp options, I ran across VintageCarLED's and was sold on the idea of going with LED's on "Ferdinand" the van.  On previous vans, I ran the H4's and was happy with the output, but they had a pretty large voltage draw and would get pretty hot when sitting for too long.
So, after exchanging a few messages back and forth with Thomas at VintagecarLED, I ordered up a pair of VC3500 Classic's that are rated at 3500 Lumens.  

Once they arrived, I was impressed right off with the quality of the product right out of the box.

Easy installation and it only took about 10 minutes start to finish.

Here are the comparison pics in my driveway.
My iPhone camera doesn't do it justice, but the lights are amazingly bright and crisp.

Before and after of the lights in the grill. Huge difference!

VC3500 Specs from their website:
Wattage: 25W
Voltage: DC 12V – 24V
Flux: 3500Lm
Lifespan: 30,000 Run Hours
Color: 6500Kelvin (Pure White)
Operating Temperature: -40F to 180F

Great simple upgrade and I highly recommend these lights or any other models that they offer.


  1. Ok, finally getting around to ordering these for my 85 Vanagon Westy!