Vanagon Sunset

Vanagon Sunset

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Skylight Rebuild

My poptop came from a newer van, so luckily, I get a skylight.  Most of the early model pop tops didn't have a skylight.  Well, mine came with a hole and an actual skylight lens, but no hardware or seal.

I put it off for a while because the weather was awesome and I wasn't concerned so much.  About 2 weeks ago, I knew that I was going to be heading back to work for about 5-6 weeks and didn't want to leave the van with a hole in his top.  So, I bit the bullet and ordered up all the necessary pieces from GoWesty to install the skylight.

You can purchase the entire skylight kit from various manufacturers for about $150ish+, but since I already had the lens, I had to piecemeal it together and order all the small parts individually.
GoWesty kit   or   BusDepot kit

After it all arrived, I laid it all out, cleaned up the hole in the pop top the best I could, opened up Youtube to the GoWesty channel and followed the simple instructions.  All said and done, it took me about 25 minutes and it turned out perfect.  
Pretty simple project if you have old and worn out mechanisms on your skylight.  At the very least, you might consider replacing the seal as they get compression-set and can become less effective with age.

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