Vanagon Sunset

Vanagon Sunset

Monday, October 2, 2017

Hella Loud Horns

I haven't had a solid working horn on my van since I bought it.  I checked everything out and it should work, but there's something funky going on at the steering wheel (aside from the brass ring) that is causing some frustration.

I thought I had it working good for a while, but then it would begin to honk in right turns or when I turned on my turn signal.  Finally I just unhooked the horn itself and went without one.   Last month, I decided to tackle the problem.  I ordered a new brass ring and installed it.  It seemed fine, but then started acting up again... so I ordered a new turn signal switch and no luck.  I'm convinced that there's a spacing issue with the steering wheel that is causing premature contact with the brass ring somehow.

Anyhow,  got fed up and decided I wanted new horns and a dash mounted switch, bypassing the whole stock system altogether.  I searched around and narrowed it down to 2 different type of horns, both from Hella, and after listened to various sounds clips on Youtube, ordered up a pair of the Hella Panther Sharptones on Amazon for about $30.  They have a slightly lower tone that their Supertone brothers, but I like the sound.   Here's a quick vid with some sound bytes at the end.

I chose to mount them to the firewall behind the passenger's side headlamp instead of down low where the stock horn mounts (behind the bumper).
These have a nice European sound to them and are extremely loud.  No longer will I get cut off in traffic without letting other drivers know how I feel.

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